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Our company is dedicated to meet & exceed client expectations. We value self-management and team work and we are committed to continuously optimize operation processes. We promote an energetic and dynamic environment and employ people with high ethical standards, a passion for quality and a dedication to science. If you are interested in working with us, check regularly for Job Openings to see positions available at RaD pharma-chemicals.

Job Openings

- Synthetic Chemist, PhD -

OBJECTIVES: The design and safe performance of synthetic chemistry, purification (LC, HPLC) and analysis (NMR, IR, MS) of organic compounds at a high skill level. Optimise processes with respect to yield, quality, safety and environmental considerations. Support production during processing, e.g. troubleshooting, use of literature databases, use-testing raw materials/ reactions samples etc. Emphasis will be given to candidates with a strong background in: Mecidinal Chemistry or total synthesis involving natural products.